Aussie Made Goodness…………..

The longer I live, the more focused on this I get:  no longer happy with vast quantities of second-best imported stuff that’s thrown into our market place. The recent imported Frozen Berry saga made me really think about it all over again………………

I am a realist, however, I do know it’s a big ask to expect that everything we buy is going to be Australian.  Have a look in your wardrobe, is there any Aussie Made Goodness in there? Here’s our challenge, let’s think about this and all the impacts there are when we all keep buying imports.

This year, buy a beautiful, Aussie made item of clothing, go on, love it, live it, wear it. You will thank yourself, and so will so many other folk……………

Goomo - made in Australia
Goomo – made in Australia

Superfine Australian Organic cotton:  This is the fabric I am working on at the moment. It’s a dream, it’s my dream. Go on, ask me why?

I feel it as I work it:

It is so soft,

so fine,

it is Australian,

it is a superfine knit and

it is organic cotton.

It is everything I look for.


Superfine Australian Organic cotton
Superfine Australian Organic cotton

I can’t always find Australian made fabric, of course, our market place has reduced so much over the years, so when I do find something to fit my range and style, bliss! I’m hoping you look for Aussie made things too.

Left to right:  Seedling vest over white organic cotton tee, organic cotton tee, blossom vest over white organic cotton tee.
Left to right: Goomo Seedling vest over Goomo white organic cotton tee, Goomo white organic cotton tee, Goomo blossom vest over Goomo white organic cotton tee.

It is a fabulous item to wear on its own, trans-seasonal, long raglan sleeves, nicely shaped crew neck, A-line shaping, and asymmetrical hem with the sides slightly longer than the front and back. Wear it on its own or under one of my pure linen vests – either the Goomo blossom or the Goomo seedling print.


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