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Point Lonsdale Market – 9 September 2012

Goomo will be at the Point Lonsdale Market, this Sunday 9 September 2012.  This is a lovely coastal market with stall holders producing or hand crafting their items.

The Market runs from 9 am to 2 pm, Bowen Road, Point Lonsdale, 3225.  Melways reference – for those who still use this lovely traditional way of finding their way around! – is 235 J7 (older editions) or 500 A2 (from 2004 onwards).


After the Market………………..

What a fabulous reaction and response to the goomo range at the Artefact Market last Friday 31 August, 2012.

Stay “following” to find out what market goomo will be at next.  And, to discover what other exciting pieces will be added and released to the limited edition range.  As pieces sell out, mostly, that’s it, gone!  The pieces are limited edition, the range keeps changing and new additions incorporated.

The eco dyed socks were a wonderful success…………….. Hello to all the lucky Dads that received a pair for Fathers’ Day (and also to all the lucky Mums that couldn’t resists a pair for themselves).  They are Australian Wool and actually Australian knitted, then dyed by me.  So comfy to wear……………….